OCTOBER 1, 2008

Hi Everyone-
With the release of the new Godhead album “At the Edge of the World” less than one week away (Oct 7th), I wanted to write each and every one of you personally to encourage you to pre-order the album.
This is will help us have a great first week of sales and will help the band in SO many ways.  A great first week will help us get played on more radio stations, help us get on better tours, excite the distributor, the record label, the press, and will help Godhead get some (in my opinion and probably yours if you are on this list) well deserved attention.
This is in no way greed based.  Godhead is a band that sells just enough albums to put out the next one, and at the very least we want to continue to have that level of success. 
The reason I'm pushing the pre-order so much is because the music business has changed drastically over the last few years, especially at retail stores.  Tower Records is out of business.  Virgin Megastores are closing all over the country.  Wal*Mart and Target won't even carry Godhead in their stores (guess we're too “evil” to be in their stores, but not too evil to be sold on their websites), and so we are left with competing for shelf space with Miley Cyrus at places like Best Buy (who have made their music section smaller and smaller)! 
If you guys come through for us and we have a strong first week, then we'll be able to take that success to the next level, and maybe a friend that you turn on to Godhead WILL be able to find the new album at their local store.  It will also mean that we'll be able to bring you more music in the future.
If you plan on going to your local music store to buy the new Godhead album, PLEASE call them first to make sure they HAVE it.  With gas prices the way they are, I don't want you to waste a trip.  If you plan on buying it on itunes or any of the online mp3 stores then that's awesome too, just please try to do it the week of October 7th.
Thank you for sticking with us for so long and continuing to support Godhead.  If you are reading this, that means you took the time to get on our mailing list or become a friend on one of our networking websites.  For that, you are amazing and we love you.  Without you we'd be nothing.

Below are a few links to some online stores to order the album from, but it seems to be available through most online retail outlets so please pick one that you are most comfortable with.
Thanks again,
Jason C. Miller


Best Buy


Virgin Megastore